Eh, What's Up Doc?

Eh, What's Up Doc?

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This wild rabbit is collecting nesting material. I was watching closely as my daughter suddenly called out to this rabbit. What a great answer :) i got!  I didn't dare to watch the frames first. But hey, i really was thrilled ;)

Location of shot: Belgium Flanders

Photographer - Olivier Colle, Bredene, Belgium.

This printed canvas is part of our current exhibition, The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. You can either purchase the X-Large sized canvas that's currently on display as part of our exhibition, or order a smaller copy on canvas.

The X-Large canvas on display will be available to be collected from the day after the exhibition ends, on Sunday 4th March, and can also be delivered. Smaller copies ordered will be part of an order placed with the printers at the end of the exhibition and are expected to be available for collection or delivery by the end of March.

Profits will be split between Hannahs and The Born Free Foundation.

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